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videopokeronlinefreegames| Pharmaceutical anti-corruption, 14 departments fight hard

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According to the website of the National Health Commission on May 27.VideopokeronlinefreegamesIn order to effectively do a good job in correcting unhealthy tendencies in the field of pharmaceutical purchase and marketing and medical services in 2024, a few days ago, the National Health Commission, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Public Security and other national correcting unhealthy tendencies in the field of pharmaceutical purchase and marketing and medical services 14 ministries and commissions jointly formulated and issued the joint working mechanism.VideopokeronlinefreegamesThe Circular on the main points of work on correcting unhealthy tendencies in the field of pharmaceutical purchase and sale and medical services in 2024 was issued.

The notice consists of five parts and 15 articles, which are as follows:

We will continue to standardize the order of pharmaceutical production and circulation. Contains four contents, respectively: first, the implementation of the main responsibility, integrity and law-abiding management. On the one hand, it emphasizes the promotion of high-quality development of the pharmaceutical industry, the implementation of incentive policies, and the improvement of pharmaceutical price formation mechanism; on the other hand, it urges production and supply enterprises to implement the responsibility of compliance operators. The second is to speed up the procurement of carrying capacity and purify the circulation order. We will regularly carry out centralized volume procurement of drugs and high-value medical consumables, and improve the procurement policies for medical equipment in medical institutions at all levels. The third is to focus on the key links and strengthen the disposal efforts. Pay close attention to the risks in the pharmaceutical field, such as project recruitment, catalogue compilation, price determination, project application, new drug application, payback settlement and so on, so as to maintain the high-pressure situation. Fourth, consolidate the effectiveness of rectification and improve the long-term mechanism. It is mainly to strengthen the behavior compliance guidelines of pharmaceutical production and operation enterprises, strengthen the management of social organizations and pharmaceutical representatives, and standardize the order of drug circulation.

We will focus on tackling unhealthy tendencies and corruption around the masses. It contains three contents, which are as follows: first, optimize internal management and standardize business service behavior. Compacting the main responsibility of the internal management of medical institutions, establishing and improving the internal control system, ensuring reasonable examination, rational use of drugs, reasonable treatment and standardizing fees in the process of seeing a doctor. The second is to focus on the "two keys" and implement the management requirements. Focus on the "key minority" of medical institutions and key positions of personnel, around the management requirements, to make up for the recruitment of financial, out-of-hospital cooperation and other key areas of institutional measures deficiencies. The third is to improve the policy system and innovate the supervision mode. We will optimize and improve the medical supervision and management system, enhance the accurate supervision ability of information-based big data, and carry out pilot projects of intelligent and embedded supervision based on medical record information.

Resolutely rectify the chaos in the industry. It contains two contents, which are: first, strengthen supervision and law enforcement and crack down on illegal acts. We will strengthen medical supervision and joint law enforcement across departments, focusing on violations of laws and regulations in areas such as assisted reproduction, medical examinations, health examinations, medical beauty, and Internet medical care. The second is to standardize the live broadcast and purify the network environment. Continue to consolidate the main responsibility of the website platform, and strengthen the supervision of medical network live broadcast goods, information content, dissemination order and so on.

Earnestly maintain the safety of the medical insurance fund. It contains two contents, respectively: first, strengthen the supervision of health insurance funds and maintain the high-pressure situation of cracking down on fraud and fraud. We will refine the specific rules for the supervision and management of the use of medical insurance funds, improve the working mechanism of daily supervision and inspection, carry out flight inspection, and carry out in-depth special rectification of illegal and illegal medical insurance funds. The second is to improve price governance and continue to promote the reform of medical insurance payment methods. We will steadily promote drug price management on the Internet, implement the price recruitment credit evaluation system, and normalize the dynamic adjustment of medical service prices.

Deepen and consolidate the effectiveness of centralized rectification work. It contains four contents, which are as follows: first, classified disposal, paying attention to joint punishment. We should deal with the problems by classification, persist in investigating bribes and accepting bribes together, and explore the establishment of a joint punishment mechanism for bribers. The second is to take the case as a lesson to strengthen industry education. We will carry out industry education in a down-to-earth manner, increase integrity education for personnel in key positions, and strengthen the publicity and explanation of industry laws and regulations and medical insurance policies. Third, carry out rectification and construction at the same time, and strengthen the establishment of rules and regulations. We will deepen the reform of the system and mechanism, strengthen the building of a clean government in the field of medicine and health, guide pharmaceutical enterprises, medical operators, and industry social organizations to improve their internal management regulations and implement their management responsibilities. Fourth, cooperate closely to form a joint force of work. Improve the level of information interconnection among various departments, do a good job in policy convergence, closely cooperate horizontally, strengthen vertical dispatching, and coordinate to promote the implementation of the work.

videopokeronlinefreegames| Pharmaceutical anti-corruption, 14 departments fight hard

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