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visualpinball| Apple wants to break through? Wedbush: iPhone 16 is expected to become the "trump card", focusing on the Global Developers Conference!

Financial Union, May 27 (Editor Huang Junzhi) Dan Ives, a well-known strategist at the US investment bank Wedbush, recently said that thanks to the "super cycle" of the iPhone 16 product driven by artificial intelligence, Apple's market value next year will exceed US$4 trillion.

He previously raised Apple's stock price target to an all-time high of $275, which means there is nearly 45% potential upside from current levels. In fact, Apple's share price has climbed in the past monthvisualpinballAbout 10%.

Focus on WWDC

According to Ives, Apple's upcoming World Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 10 is "the most important event in a decade," and the company is preparing to release a range of artificial intelligence products.

"In our view, bringing artificial intelligence to its vital developer community and laying the foundation for bringing generative artificial intelligence to consumers must first start with Apple." He added that he also expects Apple to announce a partnership with OpenAI.

It is understood that WWDC will be unveiled on June 10 local time. iPadOS 18, iOS 18, macOS 15, watchOS 11 and other operating systems will be launched. Among them, the one that attracts the most attention from the outside world is iOS 18, because according to previous reports, iOS 18 will integrate generative AI functions.

"We also believe that Apple will lay the foundation for the artificial intelligence app store, as developers will develop consumer applications on the artificial intelligence stack introduced at Apple's World Developers Conference and will bring additional service growth in coming years," Ives said.

iPhone 16 is the trump card

Ives said all of these features could be integrated into the iPhone 16, which is due to be released in September, which could trigger a "growth renaissance" as more people upgrade their iPhones. He predicts that the iPhone upgrade cycle may exceed 2visualpinball.700 million units.

He was also encouraged by a survey conducted by Ives's team last week that showed that Apple's April sales were about 2% higher than market expectations.

"This strengthens our deep-rooted view that for Apple iPhone production, we will see the much-awaited iPhone 16 upgrade cycle begin in September. We believe that current Wall Street data is a bit conservative for fiscal 25, which is a good start for the upcoming iPhone cycle."

In fact, Ives is far from the only one who is optimistic about Apple. Steve Eisman, the prototype of the movie "Big Short", has also recently called attention to another artificial intelligence (AI) winner-Apple.

visualpinball| Apple wants to break through? Wedbush: iPhone 16 is expected to become the "trump card", focusing on the Global Developers Conference!

He believes that in the long run, Apple will become a key center for artificial intelligence-led software, bringing huge growth space for its products.

"I was very clear that when all these apps came along, I needed a new phone, a new iPad and a new laptop. So when these apps emerge, the biggest beneficiary may be Apple." he said.

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