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caraccidentgame| Financing customers added more than 600 million yuan in "bank profits"!

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Wu Yuhua

Last week, the A-share market fluctuated and adjusted, with the Shanghai Composite Index, Shenzhen Composite Index and gem Index down 2% respectively.Caraccidentgame.07%, 2.93%, 2.49%.

As of May 24, the financing balance of the A-share market was 1.492087 trillion yuan, compared with a decrease of 2.494 billion yuan last week, according to Wind. Last week, the financing balance of non-ferrous metals and banking increased by more than 900 million yuan. The largest net purchase of shares in the A-share market was China Merchants Bank, and the largest net sale of shares was Industrial USI.

Increase the position of nonferrous metals and banking industry by more than 900 million yuan

According to Wind data, as of May 24, the balance of A-share financing was 1.530261 trillion yuan, the financing balance was 1.492087 trillion yuan, and the margin balance was 38.174 billion yuan. Last week, the financing balance in the A-share market decreased by 2.494 billion yuan.

Last week, the financing balance of the A-share market increased in three trading days. The financing balance of A-shares increased by 2.824 billion yuan on May 20, 1.426 billion yuan on May 21, 2.101 billion yuan on May 22, 2.229 billion yuan on May 23, and 6.616 billion yuan on May 24.

Changes in financing balance last week

Source: Wind

Last week, the financing balance of 12 of the 31 industries in case of emergency increased, with the non-ferrous metals, banking and automobile industries leading the increase, with increases of 973 million yuan, 924 million yuan and 843 million yuan respectively.

Among the 19 industries with a decrease in financing balance, the computer, non-bank finance and electronics industries led the way, with a decrease of 1.601 billion yuan, 828 million yuan and 728 million yuan, respectively.

It can be seen that last week, financing customers sold the computer industry more resolutely, buying more balanced.

Changes in the financing balance of the industry last week

caraccidentgame| Financing customers added more than 600 million yuan in "bank profits"!

Source: Wind

Increase the position of China Merchants Bank by over 600 million yuan

The top 10 stocks last week were China Merchants Bank, Guizhou Moutai, BYD, Vanke A, Jianghuai Automobile, Gree Electric Appliances, Yunnan Aluminum shares, Ningde Times, Hengrui Pharmaceutical, and Lixun Precision. They bought 670 million yuan, 418 million yuan, 379 million yuan, 286 million yuan, 268 million yuan, 224 million yuan, 207 million yuan, 200 million yuan, 197 million yuan and 181 million yuan respectively. Most of these stocks fell, with China Merchants Bank, Yunnan Aluminum and Hengrui Pharmaceuticals all down more than 5%, while Jianghuai Motors rose 13.31%. The action of financing customers to increase positions against the trend is more obvious.

Last week, the net purchase amount of the top ten shares

Source: Wind

Last week, the top 10 stocks for financing customers were Industrial USI, Guangzhou Lianda, Ping an of China, dawning of China Science and Technology, Jindi Group, Wanfeng Aowei (rights protection), PetroChina, Yili shares, Zhongji Xuchuang and Selis. The net sales were 480 million yuan, 297 million yuan, 279 million yuan, 261 million yuan, 243 million yuan, 241 million yuan, 240 million yuan, 221 million yuan, 211 million yuan and 209 million yuan respectively. Most of the 10 stocks fell last week, with Guanglianda, the biggest gainer, down more than 11 per cent last week, while Jindi, the biggest gainer, rose more than 7 per cent last week.

Last week, the net sales of the top ten shares were raised.

Source: Wind

For the current market, China International Capital Corporation said that combined with the current market environment, the implementation of stable growth policies may be the key to the follow-up market direction choice. In the follow-up, China's economic policies and reform efforts are expected to continue to increase, and lead investors to expect to continue to repair, the recent phased adjustment of the A-share market does not mean the end of the repair market since February, after adjustment, the main index is expected to return to the upward trend. Although the current market valuation has been repaired, the valuation of the CSI 300 index is still far from the historical average, and the marginal correction of earnings expectations after the first quarter also contributes to the performance of the future index.

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