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playbaccaratforfree| Looking forward to the event| A review of the 60th anniversary of the "Fenjiu Pilot"

TodayPlaybaccaratforfreeWe are in a new era in which "new productive forces" are about to become the main driving force of China's economic development.

Liquor, as a national traditional industry from the distant era of agricultural civilization, its development environment and ecology are undergoing profound changes.

playbaccaratforfree| Looking forward to the event| A review of the 60th anniversary of the "Fenjiu Pilot"

In this context, how to keep pace with the times and how to develop and innovate the liquor industry? This is the core proposition of the times that Chinese brewers and Chinese wine industry must answer and must answer well.

Song Shuyu, chairman of China Liquor Industry Association, pointed out: "in the new era, scientific and technological innovation and cultural innovation are becoming the core driving force for the development of liquor industry."

Mr. Qin Hanzhang, a master of liquor, once said: the task of Fenjiu pilot project is to make two bottles of good wine. What he did not talk about is the infinite value that this "pilot project" will eventually bring to future generations of the wine industry.

Mr. Shen Yifang also pointed out: "the liquor industry in New China started on a pilot basis."

In 1963, in order to further improve the quality of Fen Liquor, Fen Liquor Factory put forward the requirement of summing up its production technical experience to the Ministry of Light Industry. Minister Li Candle-dust instructed that Qin Hanzhang, director of the fermentation Research Institute of the Ministry of Light Industry, be the head to set up a "pilot working group on summing up and improving Fenjiu production experience" and lead a team to go deep into Fen Liquor Factory the following year. As a result, the pilot work of Fenjiu was carried out.

At that time, 35 full-time technicians were transferred from the Ministry fermentation Institute and the Provincial Light Chemical Institute to carry out the pilot project, including 4 in the process group, 16 in the analysis group, 2 in the test group, 2 in the finished product group and 8 in the microbiology group. Wuxi Institute of Light Industry also specially sent a graduating class of students to participate in the pilot project. A total of 56 people participated in the work during the whole pilot period. The working group consists of 5 professional groups, such as analysis, process, microbiology, testing, finished products and so on.

The working group transferred professionals from state-level scientific research institutions, scientific research institutes of Shanxi Province, and subordinate universities, formed a professional team of 56 people, and set up five professional groups, including analysis, technology, microbiology, experiments, and finished products.

At the beginning of the pilot project, three tasks were set up: first, the product quality of Fen Liquor was stereotyped. On the basis of summarizing the current quality of Fen Liquor and maintaining its unique style, through analysis, evaluation and test, the product quality of Fen Liquor was finalized, including Fen Liquor sensory quality Standard and Physicochemical quality Standard.PlaybaccaratforfreeThe second is to summarize and improve the production technology of Fen Liquor, on the basis of summarizing the current technical experience of Fen Liquor production, on the premise of the current Fen Liquor fermentation technology or operation method, through on-site production realism, analysis and determination and scientific test, etc., put forward a more advanced, scientific and complete Fen Liquor production technology. The third is to formulate a set of relatively complete testing methods for Fenjiu, in view of the unique style of Fenjiu, on the basis of summarizing the current quality testing methods of Fenjiu, and through analysis, evaluation and test, formulate a relatively complete set of scientific testing methods suitable for the characteristics of Fenjiu, including the evaluation of the sensory quality of Fenjiu and the analysis of physical and chemical indexes.

In order to achieve these three major tasks, each group formulated its own tasks, terms of reference and schedule respectively, and the working group subdivided the three major tasks into 14 topics, 49 projects and 145 pilot work plans for medium-sized wine-making experiments.

From March 1964 to May 1965, more than 200 projects were studied, more than 3000 experiments were carried out, and more than 20,000 experimental data were obtained. the pilot materials include Fenjiu brewing technology, Fenjiu brewing microorganism experiment method, Fenjiu quality taste evaluation method, Fenjiu brewing chemical analysis, Fenjiu pilot business theory learning materials and other technical materials totaling 850000 words. The traditional operation experience of past dynasties will be scientific, systematic and perfect with contemporary science and technology. Through the summary of the pilot project, the mystery of the quality of Fenjiu was solved, the quality and output were improved, the labor productivity was improved, the production cost was reduced, and the production technology of Fenjiu reached a new level. The achievement of "Fenjiu pilot Project" won the Major Achievement Award of the National Science Conference in 1978.

The "Fen Liquor pilot Project" in 1964 had epoch-making significance in quality, scientific and technological innovation and culture in the history of Chinese liquor industry and in the history of liquor experiment and innovation. It opened up the "new quality productivity" of China's liquor industry at that time. Up to now, the theory and practice of "Fen Liquor pilot Project" have far-reaching influence, and it still has important enlightening significance and leading value.

Song Shuyu, director of the China Liquor Industry Association, spoke highly of the "Fen Liquor pilot Project", saying that it is one of the models for the summary of traditional Chinese liquor brewing experience, scientific experiment and standard establishment. "Fen Liquor pilot Project" once again proved that the scientific nature of traditional liquor brewing can be confirmed by a large number of scientific research achievements. Innovation must be based on the full understanding and mastery of traditional brewing.

On the occasion of commemorating the 60th anniversary of "Fenjiu pilot" and the eighth National Science and Technology Workers' Day, it is of great significance to review the great achievements of scientific and technological innovation in China's wine industry represented by "Fenjiu pilot" since the founding of the people's Republic of China, and to answer the required questions of "high-quality innovation of China's wine industry". It is of great significance to look forward to the future development direction and development strategy of China's wine industry.

"Today, we commemorate the 60th anniversary of the 'Fenjiu pilot' by launching the 'Fenjiu pilot' again, which is bound to open a road of high-quality innovation with 'traditional craftsman spirit, intelligent scientific and technological innovation, and living cultural development' as the core elements." Song Shuyu, chairman of the board emphasized.

It is based on this thinking, sponsored by China Liquor Industry Association, hosted by Shanxi Xinghuacun Fenjiu Group, China Food fermentation Industry Research Institute, Jiangnan University, Beijing Industrial and Commercial University, Tianjin University of Science and Technology, Sichuan University, "commemorating the 60th Anniversary of 'Fen Liquor pilot' and China Liquor Industry High quality Innovation Conference" with the theme of "surging 60 years of vigorous New era" The curtain will kick off at the Beijing National Convention Center on May 30.

Please stay tuned.

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